Subjects for Ontology for Immune Epitopes

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IRIlabelobsoletereplacement of metabolism uveitis cardiomyopathy disease neuropathy hearing loss disease disease system disease of mental health system disease reproductive system disease sclerosis system disease disease gravis reproductive system disease disease disseminated encephalomyelitis of anatomical entity thyroiditis system disease system disease syndrome process content entity of usage term source note material basis in hudsonicus auratus hepatitis A virus 1 hepatitis A virus 3 musculus norvegicus porcellus virus virus virus virus virus subtype subtype subtype penneri alphaherpesvirus 1 alphaherpesvirus 1 strain KOS alphaherpesvirus 2 alphaherpesvirus 1 alphaherpesvirus 1 alphaherpesvirus 4 alphaherpesvirus 3 alphaherpesvirus 1 betaherpesvirus 5 betaherpesvirus 1 cytomegalovirus (strain Smith) betaherpesvirus 7 gammaherpesvirus 4 B virus hepatitis virus 7 alphaherpesvirus 1 swine fever virus adenovirus 2 papillomavirus papillomavirus type 33 papillomavirus type 6b 2 polyomavirus parvovirus parvovirus parvovirus B19 mastadenovirus B rotavirus A bursal disease virus disease virus - type Asia 1 equine encephalitis virus Forest virus virus equine encephalitis virus equine encephalitis virus virus dehydrogenase-elevating virus virus virus 1 virus 2