IRI has broader match has exact match has narrower match BFO OWL specification label BFO CLIF specification label editor preferred term~editor preferred label example of usage has curation status definition editor note term editor alternative term definition source is about has_obsolescence_reason curator note term tracker item ontology term requester imported from OBO foundry unique label elucidation has associated axiom(nl) has associated axiom(fol) has_ontology_root_term has axiom label replacement ISA alternative term NIAID GSCID-BRC alternative term IEDB alternative term ONTIE domain mapping note Contributor Creator dc:date description Format Source Subject and Keywords title dc:type license dct:title foaf:page has rank temporal interpretation created_by creation_date date default-namespace has_alternative_id has_broad_synonym database_cross_reference has_exact_synonym has_narrow_synonym has_obo_format_version has_obo_namespace has_related_synonym id in_subset saved-by owl:allValuesFrom owl:annotatedProperty owl:annotatedSource owl:annotatedTarget owl:cardinality owl:complementOf obsolete owl:disjointWith owl:distinctMembers owl:equivalentClass owl:equivalentProperty owl:hasValue owl:imports owl:intersectionOf owl:inverseOf owl:maxCardinality owl:members owl:minCardinality owl:minQualifiedCardinality owl:onClass owl:onProperty owl:oneOf owl:propertyChainAxiom owl:qualifiedCardinality owl:someValuesFrom owl:unionOf owl:versionIRI owl:versionInfo rdf:first rdf:rest comment rdfs:domain rdfs:isDefinedBy label rdfs:range rdfs:seeAlso subclass of rdfs:subPropertyOf



Mus musculus BALB/c